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  You did an outstanding job.  It was a pleasure working with such a polished professional.  Again Christopher, thanks for helping to make the evening such a success.

John Sawyer, President,

Oakville Chamber of Commerce.

Presidents Gala Dinner

  On behalf of the social committee of the Canadian Passport Office, Mississauga Branch, we would like to thank you for leading our Christmas Party in a fun and flawless manner.  Once again, all of the attendees had a blast, and primarily because you were behind it.  We appreciate it Chris!


Canadian Passport Office, Mississauga Branch. 2019


  You did a fabulous job. Not only was everything very entertaining but you moved things along very nicely so that we were able to finish well before 4 pm and still have plenty of time for the groups to mingle and have refreshments.  It was an absolute pleasure to have you as the emcee for the awards.


Louise Veres, Recreation Supervisor,

Recreation and Culture, Town of Oakville.

Town of Oakville, Sport Recognition Awards

  I think that the success of the programme is, in no small part, due to your involvement!.....Well done!


Lorraine McVicar, Coordinator of Administration,

Box Office & Systems, Oakville Centre for the

Performing Arts, Recreation and Culture, Town of Oakville.

Ontario Dances Outreach Program

  Great job last night Chris! You made all the difference in the world. Thank you for coming through at the very last moment.


Sonny Jelinek, V.P. 

Jelinek Cork Group

Rotary Club of Oakville West Dinner Gala

  Thanks again for another great job. 

It’s great to work with a professional. 


Sandra Conley, Area Manager

Welcome Wagon Canada.

  Thank you for doing such as wonderful job as our MC.  You make it look so easy.


Hazel Milsome, City of Hamilton,

Coordinating Committee Member

“Bridges to Better Business", Hamilton 2001-2007

Bridges to Better Business, Hamilton

  Thank you again for your time and energy!  Your ability to connect with the guests at our event helped to give our Sunshine Kids the opportunity to “Dream Big”.


Gabriella Catolino, National Executive Director

Sunshine Foundation: Dreams for Kids Charity Fundraiser

  Oakville was great. My worries about teaching 8 to 13 year olds were immediately banished. Chris was terrific. Again, a beautiful, warm and enthusiastic introduction. The students had come from several different studios and so it was an exciting field trip for many them. Some of the teachers and few parents watched and Chris was gracious enough to take some group pictures for the various studios at the end of each class.


Peggy Baker (Legendary Touring Dancer)

Peggy Baker 2010


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